After Roger Ver openly admitting that he will promote Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin we all should report the website as a phishing site to google!

Source for the claim:

Go here to report:

Roger Ver's site:

As pointed out by /u/codedaway below, report /r/btc also to reddit for violating reddit's self promotion rules.

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Warning! When googling Blockchain you get a fake phishing ad as the first result


I just moved to Spain and wanted to check on my wallet from a new PC. I just googled Blockchain for fast access and thank god I noticed that the website was spelled differently. I would have never thought that google would show me a fake phishing site as a first result for a popular website.

Just be careful when trying to access Blockchain or any other crypto wallet through a link or google and don't forget to HODL.

P.S I do not have any adware or malware on my computer.

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Warning: electrum[dot]is is a phishing site with a malware version of Electrum

A customer of our Bitcoin center in Paris (La Maison du Bitcoin) wanted to recover his Electrum seed on a new PC. He searched for "electrum" on Google and the first result was electrum[dot]is.

He downloaded the hijacked version of Electrum from there, installed the app and recovered his seed.

Immediately after restoration, his full balance (~5 BTC) was sent to the hacker.

When installing software wallets, always be extremely careful of what you are doing.

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