I tried to withdrawal my money 7 months ago. I still have received nothing.

For 6 months Poloniex ignored my support requests. They also refused to reply to multiple Better Business Bureau inquiries that I filed. Their compliance officer John Brown (skype sweetjohndee) mostly ignored my messages, occasionally promising me he was "working on it" but refusing to give me any real information.

Last month I told Poloniex I'd be filing a complaint with the Massachusetts attorney general if they didn't do the right thing. That got them off their asses, and they finally started replying to my support tickets (still a week+ response time, but better than being completely ignored)

John accidentally let slip that basically nothing had been done on this until last month. That alone is criminal. For 6 months they did nothing to send me my property. Only this last month (the 7th month since trying to withdrawal my money) have they been working on it. Or so they claim, it doesn't seem like they've been working on it during this month either.

John mentioned that an engineer is needed to send me my money. Yet they didn't even have an engineer look at my support ticket until the 7th month.

I told Poloniex I would be an idiot to take their word that they are actually working on it. And unless they gave me real information as to what is actually going on, that I was going to file a report with boston pd and bring a civil suit against them. I went ahead with filing a complaint with the attorney general, because it was clear to me they were not going to do the right thing.

Poloniex sent me back an NDA. Asked me to sign it, send it back, and then they would call me.

I refused. I have a right to my own property without needing to sign any further documentation. I told them to call me without the signed NDA.

They promptly replied (for the first time ever) that they are "archiving" my balance and won't send me my money. They are holding my property hostage until I do what they want. Their actions are criminal.

They are now claiming they can't send me my money because trading of the coin has been delisted. Yet that was the case 7 months ago. If that was truly the problem, they would have said so originally. Also, withdrawals were still enabled. And what would be the purpose of assigning an engineer to the support ticket, if it's impossible to send someone money that is a de-traded coin? And not trading a coin, has absolutely nothing to do with sending someone their money.

But the moment I refuse to sign an NDA, all efforts completely stop. They have now closed my support ticket. The engineer that promised a resolution is none responsive.

I have no idea what horrible news they were going to tell me about Poloniex, that they are trying to coerce me into signing an NDA.

I STRONGLY suggest everyone take their money off immediately. I sense they are running a fractional reserve, or are doing something else equally shady. Take your money out while you still can. I probably won't be as lucky.

I am filing a police report with boston pd and will update you all on what happens.

Their actions constitute criminal fraud and coercion. If anyone else wants to send me evidence of fraudulent activity you've been a victim of please comment below or message me. I will add it to the packet I'm sending boston pd. I am currently sending them all my support tickets, my messages with their compliance officer, my unanswered BBB inquiries, the 500+ complaints and one star reviews they have on BBB, and the NDA.

I will also put forth my argument to the cops that people at Circle should also be criminally charged. I alerted Circle support multiple times that fraud was happening on their platform. Each time they ignored me and closed my support ticket. Knowingly allowing fraud to take place on their platform is illegal.

Here is a copy of the NDA: https://imgur.com/iyeLoRE

TLDR: Poloniex has not sent me my money after 7 months. I told them I would file a police report. They asked me to sign an NDA. I refused. They then responded that they will not send my money.

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POLONIEX suspends Bitcoin withdrawals

POLONIEX suspends Bitcoin withdrawals

Please upvote for the warning.

Once again Poloniex is having withdrawal issues. BTC withdrawals and deposits have been disabled since yesterday:



  • It's incompetence
  • They got hacked
  • Both

This exchange is so badly managed that is a risk for the system

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Poloniex just responded to a Help request after 5 months.

" On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Poloniex support@poloniex.freshdesk.com wrote: Hi xxxxxxx,

Happy to help!

We will pass this case to the team that is able to assist you. If you have additional information to add or any further questions, please respond here.

Best, Poloniex Support Team"

I sent several followup emails. No response.

How thrilling to receive this now:

"Thanks for contacting our support team, and thank you for your patience in regards to this open case.

We are actively working on improving our product and services…".

and ends with the humorous "Please let us know if you have any other question".

Hey, Poloniex. I'll be sure to do that.

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Do not trust poloniex exchange, Stole my money and are ignoring me now

Poloniex Exchange recently decided after 2+ years of doing business with them to require more information for my account, That is fine they have every right to ask for whatever they need ect. But don't ignore me and steal my funds.

My account has been trading with them, small amounts, with a balance of 880$ USD for quite a while and never had a single issue and now all of a sudden my account is frozen out of the blue and I lost a bunch of trades that were set to auto buy back when the price dipped and they made sure to freeze my account at this point during a coin free fall before the buy back in what I can only imagine was there attempt to try to do the most damage to my trading account in hopes this would encourage me to jump on board and give them everything they wanted, but that will not be happening.

I received no messages or emails from Poloniex support prior to this happening. I have all there email domains white listed in my email, and I had not logged into the actual website for a while since all my trades were mostly on auto pilot setup using API keys through my trading software ect.

This type of customer relations is not only unheard of for any exchange I have used in the last 8 Years, but literally the same customer service I got from Mt.Gox right before they went under, so I felt the need to share. If they want to demand information and freeze my account this is fine but do not try to steal my funds when I ask to have my account closed. After these recent events and tactics witnessed I no longer trust them and will not be continuing with there exchange as a trading option, and I'm not sure how they think anyone would after being treated like this.

After deciding they were not professional enough to continue using and since I'm verified on Bitstamp, Bitfinex and a couple others already, who have never treated me this way, I informed them I would be closing my account instead and transferring my funds out asap. They acted like everything was fine and then locked me out of my already frozen account and have not responded to my support requests for over a month now. Yet they respond instantly to any other support requests and are clearly ignoring me now that I do not want to continue using there exchange.

This type of customer service and support for an account that is over 2 years old with them is appalling. I'm just glad I recently transferred the bulk of my account balances out prior to this happening.

I would highly recommend if you use Poloniex.com to be very weary of them as they do not care how long you have been with them when the time comes you decide to move on they will likely try to rob you also.

I have already taken other legal steps at this point in time, and am posting this for the purpose of making sure other have a fare warning of my experience. I will attach my support ticket conversation that has been a single reply from support and now 30+ Days of being ignored, without even an update to say there still working on it or if my case was passed to appropriate department as they claimed.

Steer clear of these guys and be careful!!


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Do NOT trust Poloniex. Do NOT trust Circle. The bait and switch scam.

Poloniex team in December 2017 said:

"As with any change, we understand you may have concerns about how this requirement impacts you and the consequences of not meeting this verification deadline. Here are further details on what to expect.

On the date of the deadline, legacy accounts will be placed in a state where:

Trading and lending will be disabled; Open orders will be closed; Loans will have auto-renew switched off; Margin positions will be given an 8 week wind-down period where they can only be diminished or closed. After the 8 week wind-down period, they will be closed; Deposit addresses will be revoked. Any deposits sent to a revoked address will not be recoverable until the account is fully verified; Withdrawals will remain enabled at the daily withdrawal limits prior to the deadline. If at any point you verify your legacy account, full functionality will be restored and your daily withdrawal limit will be increased to $ 25K USD equivalent."

Flash forward to May 2018!

Tens if not hundreds of people have been locked out of their accounts even after verifying their identity and have their accounts frozen.

See their Twitter. See /r/PoloniexForum or /r/Poloniex.

The Circle Poloniex Team outright lied and simply CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH ANY FUNDS. Be very careful.

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