Seriously. IF I had an accurate-enough technique to predict short term BTC price movements…

…the LAST thing I'd be doing is posting it here. No. I'd be USING IT, and keeping my big mouth shut. And then, after a while, I'd be out spending like crazy.

Remember this whenever somebody posts any kind of technical analysis or link to their prediction/what-to-do-next software/robot/formula/chart… If it really worked, this is one of the last places they'd be spending their time.

Instead of trying to figure out how to time the market, you're better off spending that time and effort generating more income and/or cutting your expenses so you can afford to buy-and-hold more BTC long-term. You'll also avoid a lot of transaction fees, which add up in the long run.

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Experts Predict Bitcoin Price to Reach $25000 by 2018, $250000 by 2022

The bitcoin price crossed the $ 8,000 mark earlier this week, supported by a massive spike in buy volumes across all major cryptocurrency exchanges. Analysts explained that a sudden surge in demand from institutional investors and inflow of new capital may have triggered the surge in the bitcoin price.
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