1 mBTC = $2.68. We need THAT as a news headline. I’ll be using milli-BTC moving forward every time I reference price. You should do the same.

This is something that has been irking me for quite a while now.

I have friends that I've told about Bitcoin to back in 2013 who only recently became involved because I had to tell them again that Bitcoin can be split down to 8 decimals places, and in turn, bought for sub-$ 10.

Sometimes just saying "divided 8 decimal places" doesn't actually ring a bell in their heads, many need to be spoon-fed the concept.

One of them set up a weekly buy of $ 25 the next day…

There is a huge group of people who genuinely have a mild (but enough to invest) interest in this space that simply just don't know this.

The top thread currently on this subreddit only reiterates my point even further.

People just don't know.

Some wallets have the feature but exchanges don't do anything to help support this. Price is displayed across the board in BTC and BTC only. A feature within a settings menu doesn't help anyone who isn't already informed. We need it displayed on your front pages.

We need media outlets referencing milli-BTC in their headlines.

I got involved in this space because of the price. Now I tend to look down on those who are only concerned about the day to day price movements, but how can I really be that hypocritical when I was once them and only learned more after being lured in the same way they are?

How can you expect the community to grow as a whole without every facet of this community growing in proportion? You don't get long term holders and node runners without and influx of short term newbies open to trying to understand what all this hype is about. If the first thing they see and think is "That cost way too much for me to afford right now", we are going to stall until this change from within the community is made.

From outside the box, this change is inevitable. Any outside (omnispective) observer would say "riiiiiiiiiight about….here (points finger on the timeline) , is when you'll see that shift", but we're inside the box, so let's get this ball rolling.

If you want to use bits (uBTC), be my guest. I'd rather start with something tangible.

$ 2.68 is tangible.

Next Bitcoin roller coaster thread I see better say "mBTC $ 3.xx!"

If you mess up I'll be making the corrected re-post.

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