Reminder: Congress has no authority to tell you what currency you may use in legal voluntary transactions. You have a right to financial privacy and it is your RESPONSIBILITY to Defend it.

Stop cucking around with this congressional power grab. Instead tell those leeching fucks in D.C. to get the fuck out your biz, they are obsolete and have no authority. GTFO with that bullshit bill.

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IPv6 and Bitcoin, privacy risk?

Im not great with networking, especially IPv6, but my ISP must have enabled IPv6 as Im starting to see peers both in and out with IPv6 addresses.

I dont have a static IPv4 address, and releasing/renewing it is as simple as restarting my gateway, but IPv6 comes from the host, so is that going to tie transactions to a specific device?

Im not personally very concerned, Im just trying to understand more about how the network operates.

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Privacy approach for a light-weight wallet

I am looking for an approach to build a privacy centric lighter weight wallet.
By privacy centric I only mean: network observers should be unable to guess the addresses belongs to the same wallet.
So querying information about addresses should be private.
By light-weight I mean:
1. Do not store hundreds of GB of data (a few is fine).
2. Do not sync for ages. Should be finished within an hour maybe.
The lightest privacy preserving approach I was able to find is pruning, what solves my first criteria, but not the second.
BIP37 is not a good. (See:
Do you guys have suggestions? (Or direct me to a better room to ask this question?)

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