Major blockchain group says Europe should exempt Bitcoin from new data privacy rule

Since people can store personal data in blockchains, the technology could fall under the purview of the upcoming European change to privacy law. But blockchain technology may be fundamentally incompatible with Europe's new privacy rules, Washington, DC think tank Coin Center said today in a new …
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Most Privacy Coins Aren’t That Private (

Privacy coins are meant to be private. That’s their raison d’être. Strip away the privacy, and they simply become altcoins, and dangerous ones at that, with the potential to deanonymize their users and expose their secrets. A number of recent reports have cast doubt on the privacy features offered by coins such as zcash and monero.
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Bitcoin to See Significant Improvements in Privacy and Scaling, Impact on Price Trend

The future of Bitcoin is always interesting to keep an eye on. This year, as well as the next few years, will introduce a lot of technical changes. All of these developments – especially those pertaining to scaling – will positively impact the cryptocurrency's price in the long run.
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