What is a process of listing a new crypto token on the exchange?

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I’ve never took a part in ICO (initial coin offering) and I’m thinking about hopping on the bandwagon because of the timing – ability to get a substantial bonus.

I don’t have many eggs, I don’t have many baskets – I’m considering transferring all my crypto assets into their ICO… But then – will my tokens be tradable on exchanges?

Is it the exchange who decides or the token leadership / tech team? I would be keen to know if BTC / ETH invested into ICO is likely to be redeemable in the future by trading it on exchanges.

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Okay folks, I’m so happy to tell you that my wallet problem has been resolved. I owe an awful lot of gratitude to grnqrtr for his endless patience. He walked me through some real technical process and recovered my wallet. Only one wrong word and 3 months of anxiety!! He is a great guy.

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