Hi r/Bitcoin. I’m Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance at Imperial College Business School. I just published a research paper on the fundamental value and the price of Bitcoin (see link). I’m holding an AMA on the topic here on Mon 16 April at 11am ET

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I spoke to an older professor at my University about Bitcoin. He’s worried about it.

I spoke to a computer science professor about Bitcoin and other blockchain technology because I'm starting a club and looking for an advisor.

He told me he probably wouldn't be a good advisor, because he doesn't like bitcoin very much.

Not wanting to be dismissive, I asked, "Why's that?"

He's worried that Bitcoin will become so valuable that it will render his USD retirement fund obsolete.

He believes bitcoin will go up so much that it he'll have no choice but to use it in the future.

After a short conversation with him, he sent me to a professor with blockchain experience and said he's buying a couple of books on Bitcoin.


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet