Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Startups Are Making Progress (

Golem has lumbered in from the wilderness now with its first beta release, the Brass Golem, bringing the notion of Airbnb for computers to life on Ethereum. Also in Ethereum news, Ether Capital seeks to be a steadying and calming force in the Ethereum technology and ICO space.Samsung has now confirmed that it is manufacturing ASIC chips for Halong Mining, while the ASIC-resistant hashing algorithm that is part of Ravencoin has peeked its head above the clouds with a new white paper and…


Lightning Network progress: 72 out of 75 tests pass!

I'm so excited, we are so close to a massive technological leap that will make Bitcoin fast and cheap, and render a lot of altcoins obsoletes, mostly the copy paste altcoins that try to be Bitcoin cheaper and faster.

It should also centralize capital into the few coins that actually solve different problems with different implementations.

Finally it should put the final nail into the coffin of the scaling debate.

Who's excited with me?!

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