Now That All Bitcoin Miners Are Child Pornographers, How Do You Protect Yourself?

Criminals use US currency for criminal endeavors, so we should cut Bitcoin a break. Or perhaps the big banks commit fraud themselves, so what's the big deal about organized crime getting into the cryptocurrency mining business? Needless to say, these arguments are fallacious. One crime simply does …
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Gibraltar Launches Regulation to Protect Value and Reputation (

A mechanism tailored to protect customers of cryptocurrency businesses in Gibraltar, and its own reputation, went into effect on January 1. The regulation targets blockchain technology – companies storing and transmitting value must now be licensed by the Financial Services Commission (GFSC). 
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Bitcoin Core is developing measures to protect your money from attacks like B2X, but they will only work if you run Bitcoin Core software (

The whole B2X attack is based on tricking wallets into thinking it is a valid chain. B2X intentionally removed all replay protection; it changed its code so that it would mimic the signals from core nodes and its collaborators intend to pass it off as bitcoin on their services. The core developers are creating countermeasures to ensure that core nodes continue to work on the peer to peer level. If you want to transact after the fork on the bitcoin blockchain run a bitcoin core node. If you…