Hi r/Bitcoin. I’m Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance at Imperial College Business School. I just published a research paper on the fundamental value and the price of Bitcoin (see link). I’m holding an AMA on the topic here on Mon 16 April at 11am ET

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

According to Guy Corem ex Spondoolies CEO there was a meeting in NY that Barry Silbert arranged and an agreement was made, it will be published in the morning NY time.

Quoting all his messages from the post:
++ "a hydrogen bomb is coming"

++ "I wasn't expecting this to be the result" (of the whole HF/Segwit saga).

++ An answer to the question "is there an agreement?" he replied "it's quite on sided hence the use of hydrogen bomb".

++ "it's coming, he just emailed good to go" (probably quoting a message he received).

++ "to my defense I would say that we are witnessing an historic event".

++ answering the question "is there a time frame ? " (for the news to be published) he said "how much can I nag him, eventually he will block me " (referring to his source).

++ "don't be mad. he (the source) is going back to every one who signed the original agreement and checking if they agree to the version agreed at the meeting".

++ "will probably publish first thing in the AM in NY" (quoting his source).

++ "I thought he will publish according to those attended the actual meeting and then add the rest (whoever agrees)" (talking about the actions of his source).

++ "there is a convention in NY in that convention there was a meeting arranged by Barry Silbert. they reached agreement. tomorrow morning NY time it will be published".

edit: some picture I capture for proof it's in Hebrew but there is one part I quoted in English.

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