CNN is putting out misleading and biased information about cryptocurrency

I thought I would raise awareness of this issue with the community.

CNN does not appreciate cryptocurrency. They have gone to such a degree as to put misleading point of views on their front page.

One point I would like to make is that CNN may be trying to make cryptocurrency and Bitcoin look like "fool's gold", just plain silly. In every single Bitcoin/crypto article published by CNN I have read, they have almost always brought up "TrumpCoin" and "PotCoin". And you know that marijuana is a drug perceived by the public akin to heroine/coke and, well, CNN just doesn't like Trump.

They also like to report more dumps that happen in the Bitcoin charts. Today, they published a "I invested in Bitcoin and I lost all my money" article again. It's just infuriating.

On a personal note, look at the thumbnail.

That's the basic Binance chart that loads when you go into "Advanced" charts. What is this guy doing, charting online on Binance? lol

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

A dozen companies that reaped rewards by putting “bitcoin” or “blockchain” in their name

Amid the cryptocurrency mania, several companies have launched initiatives to take advantage of the burgeoning assets, from retailer to photo group Kodak. Some much smaller firms have rebranded themselves completely, adding “bitcoin” or “blockchain” directly to their name. In some …
Google Alert – bitcoin

Putting the cigg money in bitcoins

Been bitcoin lurking since 2011 and done the good old 'naah, it'll probably crash, no point buying' at every single ATH since. Finally unfudged myself and got in a couple months ago. And what a fun, sexy time it has been!

Anyway, I also found out that it is a great and reeeally motiving way of quitting smoking. I used to smoke for around 10 euros a day (a pack is quite expensive here).

So i put it in the magic internet money instead. It really adds up fast: 10 x 7 x 52 = almost 4000 euros a year.

If the bitcoin rally continues, then great. I could use a couple of years on a yacht sipping pina coladas down the line. If bitcoin crashes and burns horribly, no problem. I'd still be just as poor and a slave to the man, but hopefully cancer free and with way better breath.

This turned in to a bit of a rant, but keep up the good work and HODL. Love the forum!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

My son is 2 years old. Thinking about putting 210 bitcoins aside and giving them to him when he turns 30.

First let me say I am not trolling, I have a couple hundred bitcoins left from a stash I bought for cheap in 2012 (best decision ever, I wish I had bought more). I did lose a lot in Mt.Gox and a couple other scams so don't envy me. Anyway I think 30 is a good age to give them to him because he could finish college and still have a few years to work and learn about the value of money. And we are talking 2045 which is a long time for bitcoin to appreciate. Wondering what people think and if there is anything in particular I should pay attention to, besides the obvious of keeping them in a safe place.

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Putting Blockchain into Practice Is Proving Difficult for Banks

Even though blockchain is seen to have a number of useful features for banks to utilize they are finding that putting these features into practice may prove difficult. The banking world may not trust the idea behind bitcoin, but they have realized that bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain, has many valuable features that they could […]

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