Daily Volatility Decline? Bitcoin Has Seen $1K Range 43 Times In 2018

Bitcoin is famous (or infamous) for its daily price jumps and falls, but lately the charts seem to be bordering on the comatose. So, has the cryptocurrency's volatility really dropped or are we in business as usual? We crunched the numbers to find out, and while things have been calm of late, it certainly …
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Bitcoin Analysts Brace for 'Dogfight' With Narrowing Trading Range

"Bitcoin is now in the early stages of a recovery mode," he said. Given the digital currency's volatility, Ross said round numbers like $ 9,000 are of less significance from a technical standpoint. Instead, he is keeping an eye on the 50-day moving average of about $ 8,600 as key support and the 150-day at …
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Markets Update: Bulls Test the Psychological $1200 Price Range (news.bitcoin.com)

On March 31 our Markets Update report had shown bitcoin’s price was looking bullish with buyers gaining control of the market. This week the story is still the same as the price has been on a steady incline, touching the US$ 1200 range mid-afternoon on April 6.
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