Bitcoin Cash Gaining Acceptance in Ransomware Community

Bitcoin Cash – unaffectionately called “Bcash” or “Btrash” by opponents – is a controversial cryptocurrency which was forked off Bitcoin on August 1, 2017, as a result of disagreements over how to solve the dominant cryptocurrency's scalability problem. Many Bitcoin supporters see its forked step-brother …
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Pay us bitcoin or never see your files again: Inside the highly profitable underworld of ransomware

Hackers use ransomware to encrypt computer files, making them unreadable without a secret key, and then demand digital currency like bitcoin if victims want the files back — and many victims are falling for that promise. To better understand how ransomware works and how it has spread so effectively, …
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Romania Police Arrest a Darknet Ransomware Gang of Five (

Romanian police made their first ransomware related arrest in five years. According to Europol, the Romanian police responded to the call of rampant ransomware attacks and sales of hacked data on the Darknet, to go all out to arrest a gang of five.
The gangs were suspected to have launched a series of cyber attacks across Europe infecting computers and holding sensitive data captive. The police, therefore, embarked on a search of their homes, through…