This Canadian Bank Is Reaching Out to Blockchain Startups and ICOs (

Financial institutions in Canada have largely embraced blockchain technology, with most major banks, including the central Bank of Canada, conducting pilot projects or at least research into the uses of blockchain technology in banking. In fact, the Bank of Canada has gained a reputation for blockchain-friendliness with its experiments with mock digital currencies and payment systems on the Ethereum blockchain.As for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they’ve mainly been getting the cold…


Serious question, and I don’t mean to get anyone upset, but isn’t this starting to look exactly like the last bitcoin crash where the fallout lasted several years before reaching a new ATH?

Pls don't yell at me

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

If you came here after reading the news of Bitcoin reaching $1000 then please remember: You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose & if you don’t control the keys, the coins aren’t yours.

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Bitcoin Price Reaching for $600

Bitcoin price has held support and advanced on $ 600 and 4,000 CNY earlier today. However, the bear is not yet out of the woods. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now. Bitcoin Price Analysis Time of analysis: 12h00 UTC Friday Bitstamp 1-Hour […]

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