Imagine: Is bitcoin's promise of a universal currency ready for prime time?

Janne Lindqvist, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rutgers University and a member of WINLAB, said it's not surprising that many people are still perplexed it. “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are not trivial or easy to understand. But at the same time, it's not like many …
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'Bitcoin Jesus' says investors should be ready in case bitcoin falls out of favor

Roger Ver, CEO of, said on CNBC's "Fast Money" that for years he's recommended investors not hold bitcoin on exchanges, which can be hacked. But right now, he said, investors may want to keep their holdings on an exchange so they can easily transfer their funds into another digital coin …
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Bittrex Customers Locked Out: Are Crypto Exchanges Ready for Bitcoin? (

Bittrex users took to social media to voice their concerns: something is wrong at the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Customers openly complain they’re having issues with withdrawals, and this has been going on for weeks. Certainly every popular platform has had its share of problems with runs in the wake of price spikes, but until yesterday the exchange offered no formal, public explanation.  


If you have old ASICSs, get them ready. We'll need every hash power to make sure bitcoin is secure after the fork. (

Our first duty is to protect and defend forever bitcoin ecosystem and bitcoin network. The sole principle of existence and the future is this. This principle is your most valuable treasure. Also even in the future, there will be internal and external enemies who will want to deprive you of this treasure. One day if you are obliged to defend Bitcoin and the network, you will not think of the circumstances, opportunities and conditions in which you will be found in order to begin your duties…


B2X futures keep falling. Get ready for the Bitcoin bull.

It's looking more and more like Bitcoin will shrug off this network attack in a very bullish manner.

Get ready for take off. Post fork when people who've been waiting on the sidelines jump in, institutional investors continue to see the resiliency of the network and we all re-invest our B2X for real Bitcoin I think we'll test $ 10,000 for the first time!

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