“Real Users”: In This Italian Mountain Town, Everyone Knows About Bitcoin

“I had heard of Bitcoin but didn't own any,” he explains, when asked why he didn't just buy bitcoins on an online exchange. “I prefer the human contact if I'm going to purchase some.” The other of the two women walks him to the white mailbox-sized machine in the corner. “Compro Euro,” it reads, the …
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The real wealth transfer from bitcoin comes at the flat end part of the adoption S-curve when Hodler's use their BTC to purchase productive capital assets and then earn BTC with them. (reddit.com)

It happens a little at a time but this is how the economy switches to BTC and how the actual transfer of real wealth happens, people trade it for BTC voluntarily.


Bitcoin Thieves Threaten Real Violence for Virtual Currencies

A few weeks before that, the head of a Bitcoin exchange in Ukraine was taken hostage and only released after the company paid a ransom of $ 1 million in Bitcoin. In New York City, a man was held captive by a friend until he transferred over $ 1.8 million worth of Ether, a virtual currency second in value …
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