The reason I can’t buy bitcoin is the exact reason I want to buy bitcoin

I went to deposit funds into, my international transfer was refused because it was deemed 'too risky'. Despite explaining to them I've dealt with many times, for larger amounts, they won't budge.

When did my cash cease to be my own, when did we all need to ask permission to transfer money?

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Why does show the warning “Transaction rejected by our node. Reason: The transaction is not final”?

The transaction fc3f81c625720063c5cab2145bcb5ef20b13ff0aa73b0b2435ffdb645acfcb8b has the warning “Transaction rejected by our node. Reason: The transaction is not final.” on

The same transaction shows up with five confirmations on

What does that “the transaction is not final” mean, and why did reject the transaction?

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The real reason so many miners oppose segwit (

Like most things in life, it all comes down to money. Put simply, segwit paves the way for lightning network, and lightning network takes money away from miners. It does that by creating a layer 2 network of payment channels that compete with the layer 1 transaction fees that miners rely on to pay for their equipment and electricity. With LN, anyone with a decent supply of Bitcoin can open payment channels and earn transaction fees that would have otherwise gone to the miners. Miners don’t…