Is a Potentially Fraudulent Crypto Company Behind the Bitcoin Rebound?

Critics have posited that the worst is true—that Tether is not being honest about its war chest, but that the entire venture has succeeded in artificially inflating the value of Bitcoin. Hurting Tether's case further: Key figures in the company were named in the Paradise Papers, the company refuses to name …
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Bitcoin's Rebound Eases as Cryptocurrency Watchers Debate Value

Bitcoin's rally took a pause Wednesday, suggesting it isn't about to make another run at its record reached last week. … Bitcoin traded around $ 15,947 as of 10:31 a.m. Tokyo time Wednesday, according to composite prices on Bloomberg, up 0.1 percent from late Tuesday though below that day's high.
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Bitcoin Prices Rebound After Friday Crash, Easing Some Investor Fears

Blockchain technology companies and cryptocurrency investors breathed a little easier today, as bitcoin and other digital currency rebounded after a huge price crash on Friday. Bitcoin's price hit more than $ 17,500 on some exchanges this morning, rebounding from lows that bottomed in the $ 11,000 per …
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Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Rebound After Last Week’s Dip (

The price of bitcoin seems to have found some stability over the past 24 hours, after last week’s sharp upward climb in value followed by a 30 percent dip the next day. Since the drop, the price has bounced back and is hovering around US$ 2250-2300 per BTC at the time of writing.
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