Would you like: “give BTC” option on reddit

I thought this would be a good option since "give gold" is a thing reddit staff is pursuing.

This could bring along the best answers, but I'm sure there will be many many downsides as well.

But would you give for good answers?


  • TipBit is great and does exact what "give BTC" should; you register via a DM to the bot account, the bot replies with a deposit address, and then by commenting u/tip_bit /u/SOMEONE 1 where 1 is in mBTC and otherwise u/tip_bit /u/SOMEONE $ 1 for dollars, the bot will send the money to /u/SOMEONE. But, I do not trust this bot, you shouldn't either.
  • BANANO bot seems like a good option, but I have my doubts. But check out the cool commands those people created! (Psst, comment !ban 100 on any post)

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