Today I​ received my first spam message on Reddi​t, Thanks u/risor55

Here is the message for curious:

Hello there, mzzntn. Are you still considering bitcoin trading,xxxxxxxxxxxxxx instead of hodling and hoping for the best? my advice is to stay away from manual trading and go automated route. No headaches, everything is automated, and excruciatingly profitable. Manual trading, any trading, be it forex, stocks, cryptos.. is 100% destined to fail. Millions of retail traders get punished everyday, and the only winners are wallstreet & bank traders.. why? because they don't trade manually.

Educate yourself on how whales, banks & wallstreet traders actually trade, they are not glued to their screens looking for ridiculous shapes to form on charts.. analytical analysis and manual trading is a BIG HOAX.

They use auto-trading tools like this one https://autoprofits(dot)netlify(dot)com/

Actually, that's why Auto trading has a bad reputation and for a good reason to be honest.

Wallstreet sharks and bank traders only trade with HFT algorithms, computers that make decisions, not humans. That's why all manual traders lose in the end, they can't keep up with robots' computing powers!

I personally, had a good strategy that made me lose -$ 30K on MT4 brokers! and with the same strategy tweaked into a robot I am now making +$ 17K profits a month on autopilot.

Here's the HFT robot maker https://autoprofits(dot)netlify(dot)com/ I use

Wake up and stop being naive! Just quit looking for pin-bars on charts.. wallstreet knows better./

Just my 2 cents friend.

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Brutal Bitcoin Winter is Great for Crypto Industry: Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian

Bitcoin investors should not be discouraged by the brutal Crypto Winter because the mass purge is actually good for the long-term health of the industry. That’s the observation of Coinbase investor Alexis Ohanian, better known as the founder of social media network Reddit. ‘This Is the Spring of Crypto Innovation’ Ohanian — the husband of American tennis star Serena Williams — admits that bitcoin is experiencing a prolonged market slump. However, despite the Crypto Winter, he says now is actually the “spring of crypto innovation.” Why? Because the people that remain in the industry after the market crash are die-hard enthusiasts,

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Will Tencent’s Massive Investment Help $3 Billion Reddit Take Down Facebook & Google’s Ad Duopoly?

American social news aggregation site Reddit has raised $ 300 million in a Series D funding round at a market valuation of $ 3 billion. The capital injection was led by Chinese multinational conglomerate Tencent Holdings who invested $ 150 million into the social site. So far, Reddit has raised $ 550 million in total from a myriad of investors including Sequoia, Fidelity, and Andreessen Horowitz. Are Reddit and Tencent Strange Bedfellows? The deal has led to an outrage online as Redditors are protesting the odd pairing of the Chinese juggernaut who is known for censoring topics the government wants and the free-speech forum,

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Times have been tough, how about some holiday cheer? Free Reddit gold for the community

Usually this time of the year I'd be dropping my apparel brand's discounts for cyber monday in the community but I can't imagine anyone is feeling like spending very much money right now!

So, how about instead, I do something for you? I purchased 40,000 Reddit coins and will be gifting them out to anyone that replies!

I hope you all have a nice holiday.

Edit: Switching from Reddit gold to silver to accommodate more. Reddit changed their gift system, it appears.

Edit2: I need to work for a while but will return. Feel free to gift each other.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet