Gemini Adds Block Trading to Reduce Impact of Large Orders on Bitcoin Price

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, has added a new feature that will reduce the impact that large buy and sell orders have on the Bitcoin price. Announced on Monday, Gemini Block Trading will allow cryptocurrency “whales” to execute large trades outside of the …
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Raising the transactional capacity significantly, unexpectedly, abruptly, would reduce bitcoin's scarcity as a service… (

I think this would have an inflationary effect on its valuation which would run counter to new users flocking to a “cheap money”. Conversely, I think no such change is needed for bitcoin to be naturally levated as a new gold standard which seems to be the premise of the world Hayek and Nash paint. It seems bitcoin cannot be strong money, in the sense that can solve our global financial problem, if it could be optimized as a payment system but disregard to the underlying components of its…


Reduce bitcoin blockchain size

I have a freebsd server with a bitcoind server. But the blockchain is getting to large for me. So I just bought some new sas drives so I can keep it up. I now have 218GB of total space. 40GB is for the OS, programs and all files. The rest is for the blockchain(178GB). I do not want to buy more SAS drives than I have now.

I am afraid that the blockchain will get to big again in 1 or 2 years. Is there a way to reduce the blockchain size or is there a cryptocurrency where this problem is solved?

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Are there bad ways to spend bitcoin(that reduce the number of people holding bitcoin)? (

This is more theory than anything, so take it all with a grain of salt. If you buy a steam game with bitcoin, it immediately converts it to dollars and gives it to steam. You have less bitcoin, and a bitcoin bank is hording more bitcoin. This means, more bitcoins in central locations and less dispersed. My libertarian mind says all exchange is good, but if popularity is the key, should we be trying to get more out of banks and into random people’s hands? Also, can you think of any bad ways…


Econimist Ken Rogoff: It’s Time to Reduce Physical Cash

Harvard professor and renowned economist Ken Rogoff has said that to tackle tax evasion and illicit activities the amount of physical cash around the world needs to be reduced. Speaking to CNBC, Rogoff said that cash provided the ideal avenue for tax evasion. He said: The evidence, I think, is overwhelming that that is a […]

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