I started a project using Bitcoin to help refugees in Greece earn a living & dignity by producing organic T-shirts, I need help! (reddit.com)

Hi Reddit! For the past two years I’ve been living in Greece and worked in different refugee camps. Now I decided to try to change the situation around by starting my own project producing organic T-shirts with refugees. Since it is difficult to open your own bank account in Greece (especially for refugees) I’m researching if it’s possible to pay all the employees with bitcoin. Because with crypto something which used to be difficult, could become very easy. But first I need to get the…


How Blockchain Could Help Refugees with Proof of Identity

Blockchain technology may help refugees maintain legal identity and have access to relief services when they cross borders, according to Staci Warden, executive director of the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute, writing in The Wall Street Journal. Refugees often have their IDs confiscated when they leave their country of origin. Without proof of citizenship, […]

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