BitStarz refusing to pay my 5 BTC

I have been a player of BitStarz for a few years now, and as you can see on the attached screenshots below, I have been quite an active player, almost on a daily basis with hundreds and hundreds of transactions (both deposits and withdrawals) in Bitcoin.

Over the last years, i've never had any issues with their casino, until last night, I decided to withdraw 0.9 btc which was shown as processed but never credited to my wallet. After communicating with their live chat support, we realized the issue was with their payment provider and turns out I got credited less then 3 hours after..

I decided to play again this morning, and once again, was lucky and won over 5 bitcoin (3 000$ US), I've decided to withdraw part of it, and was told by live chat support Mike that verification was now needed…

I don't mind providing address, bill utility (as I already did), bank account statement, but they are asking me for credit card proofs of deposits done in over 1 year (which I threw out as they were prepaid, or with old bank accounts…) (I made about 5 deposits (2 CAD, 1 USD and 2 EURO and these were made months and years ago). I was not asked for any proofs until I won today..

I deposit using Bitcoin almost on a daily basis, and receive promotions (free spin and such) 2-3 times a week. I have attached all of my transaction history on img (BIG files, need to zoom in) as I wanted to show my account history.

Now BitStarz refuses to pay, states their ToS, when it's literally fraud. If my account was such a problem, why would they have been accepting my deposit for the last year and approved all of the minors payments I receive.

Why would verification of my credit card, used 1 year ago and more is now needed?

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