Ether & Ripple Doomed As Securities According to Regulation Expert (

Former Obama administration financial regulator Gary Gensler believes cryptocurrencies such as ether and ripple appear as unregistered securities, and in current violation of the law. His comments carry considerable weight in the broader financial community. They also come after venture capitalists and lawyers invested in ether projects met secretly with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to head off such regulation. Spokespeople for both coins insist they’re not securities.  …


Bitcoin Today: Cryptos Gain as Regulation Takes Backseat, IMF Offers Boost

Bitcoin maintained its earlier gains in Tuesday trading, reaching as high as about $ 8,150 in morning action. Tuesday marked the third-straight day the No. 1 cryptocurrency by market value hovered above the $ 8,000 mark after a 15-day streak trapped below it. Most other high-market cap cryptocurrencies …
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The Challenge of Conforming Crypto to the Language of Regulation – or Vice Versa (

An often overlooked hurdle in the formulation of legislative apparatus for cryptocurrency is the challenge of adapting cryptocurrency to the classifications and language of financial regulations.
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Language Barrier Between Regulators and…


Bitcoin Today: Prices Attempt to Recoup Losses, Regulation Remains in Spotlight

Noted bitcoin bulls Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have proposed self-regulation for the cryptocurrency space in a new venture they call the Virtual Commodity Association. In a blog post Tuesday, the twins said, "The promise of virtual commodities and their impact on the future will be profound – but …
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Bitcoin Today: Prices Climb Toward $12000 Amid Asian Regulation Developments

Renewed optimism in the future of South Korean regulation played a large part in bitcoin's Tuesday rally. South Korea Financial Supervisory Service Gov. Choe Heung-sik said the government will support cryptocurrency trading "if normal transactions are made," Yonhap News Agency reported.
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Bitcoin up 2360 $ in 3 days after SEC hearing, despite DAX and DOW falling. People just wait for good world wide regulation. The trust in decentralization and strong Crytocurrencys is here, im looking positive in the future.

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Bitcoin price LIVE: Bitcoin continues to fall as Federal judges in NY plot regulation

Bitcoin took another hit yesterday after the price plunged from $ 11,926 to $ 10,925 in just a few hours yesterday evening. Bitcoin is currently priced at $ 10,960 with ethereum doing well at $ 1,166 and ripple $ 1.24. New regulatory noise emerging from New York will concern wallet holders with Fortune …
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Russia Finalizes Federal Law on Cryptocurrency Regulation (

The Russian government is in the process of finalizing the federal law for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. The draft law has now been officially published. It regulates the creation, issuance, storage, and circulation of cryptocurrencies.
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