eToro: Bitcoin, Ether Trading Skyrockets; Trader Sentiment Remains Bullish (

Digital currency trading has exploded on eToro, an online trading and investing community. The platform, which currently supports bitcoin and ether trading, has reported significant increase in both the number of users trading digital currencies and the volume of digital currencies traded on the platform….


Faith in Bitcoin Remains Despite Block Size Debacle (

Among the hullabaloo and escalating fear about a potential hard fork, the price of bitcoin swelled to $ 1212 on April 10, according to’s price index. People still have faith in digital gold. 
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Nonetheless, this seems like…


Transaction remains unconfirmed almost two days now. Please help :(

Please help! I am trying to figure out why my bitcoin transfer is unconfirmed. The transfer is about 2 days old at this point. I was told it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to show the balance in my wallet Coinbase but it remains pending. A fee was paid, so I am not sure why it’s taking so long.

I am new to this and I have read a lot of articles online that say that it will eventually process, but when? Did I do something wrong in the transfer? It was from one wallet to another, MultiBitHD to Coinbase. Please help me with this, thank you.

Transaction Details:

Time 2017-02-07 05:46:41

Sum of incoming txs 0.97418412 BTC

Sum of outgoing txs 0.97408412 BTC

Traded 0.97408412 BTC

Fee 0.00010000

Confirmations 0

Coin days destroyed 0 

Included in block Unconfirmed transaction!

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New to Bitcoin and Block Chain transaction remains unconfirmed! Please Help!

Transaction details:

Coinbase’s email said funds should be available 15 to 30 minutes after received, that was more than 24 hours ago. Am I doing something wrong? Why hasn’t the transaction been confirmed yet?

I read that the fees pay a role in the processing, but I see a fee was taken out automatically by MultiBitHD. What do I do? Please help!!!

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