Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD Remains in Uptrend

After a solid rally, bitcoin cash price topped around the $ 1,576 level against the US Dollar. A downside correction was initiated and the price moved below the $ 1,500 level. The price also declined below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last upside leg from the $ 1,030 low to $ 1,576 high. It opened …
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Bill Harris Remains Convinced Bitcoin Is a Scam, but Does Anyone Care?

It has been at least a full week since we last heard a highly controversial statement regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to PayPal Founding CEO and Former Intuit CEO Bill Harris, Bitcoin is the greatest scam ever. A statement like that from an individual who sees his business models …
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Bitcoin Price Remains Above $7100 as Cryptocurrency Market Gains $20 Billion

For short-term recovery, the $ 7,700 to $ 7,800 range still remain as an important level for bitcoin that could allow the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market to potentially eye a move towards the $ 8,000 region. Previously, when the bitcoin price surged to $ 7,500, traders were anticipating it to break …
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Bitcoin Today: Prices Attempt to Recoup Losses, Regulation Remains in Spotlight

Noted bitcoin bulls Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have proposed self-regulation for the cryptocurrency space in a new venture they call the Virtual Commodity Association. In a blog post Tuesday, the twins said, "The promise of virtual commodities and their impact on the future will be profound – but …
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Despite Falling Revenue, ICO Fever Remains High (

Once celebrities began endorsing ICOs, many were quick to claim that this was the top; the mania had reached its peak and the token bubble was about to pop. And when the SEC filed charges against several dubious projects, forcing others to return funds to investors, this assessment appeared to be accurate. Despite the mid-summer mania having dissipated, however, the number of ICOs in the works is higher than ever.
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Despite Soaring Price, Bitcoin Remains A Minor Player In Consumer Purchases

But while bitcoin was envisioned by its pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto as a payment system–a kind of “electronic cash” usable without the need for third parties like credit card companies–cryptocurrencies still seem to be primarily seen as investments. They're mostly alternatives to investing in …
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