Follow up on BitGold – they still have my 10,000USD and have stopped responding since I provided all the requested documents 13 days ago.

This is a follow up to the thread linked below:-


Upon trying to withdraw my assets in Bitgold my transfer was refused and account blocked, when I rang them up to ask what was happening they refused to talk to me.


I posted the thread here explaining the situation and sent the link to them, a few days later they responded asking for documents. Thanks to this publicity now they were giving me the opportunity to do this where as on the phone to support they were not interested in the least.


I am a business owner, I have ID, the name of the account I was attempting to withdraw to is in my name, I have business documents, I have tax documents. I sent what they requested and more in under 2 hours of receiving the request.


I did not complain about my treatment anymore because I want it resolved and did not update the original thread so they could see I had no intention to further damage their reputation if they resolved the issue:-


"Hi (xxx),

Thank you for your email.

Please see all the requested documents attached, they are as high quality as possible and I have also attached additional documents in the form of my National ID. I am not employed but a business owner and so have provided a copy of certificates of incorporation as a substitute.

I have also provided multiple months of my bank statement and if you require it I can provide a print screen of the online account also.

Best Regards, (xxx)"


"Hello (xxx),

Thank you for providing these documents. They have been sent to our Compliance team for review. I will let you know if any further clarification is need.

We appreciate your patience while we complete the verification process!

Kind regards, (xxx)"


This was on June 3rd, 13 days ago.


To clarify, I deposited money with this company, can prove its mine, where its come from, can prove its going to my account and gave them the documents for this and they have still not given me my money back.


Not only that but I sent a polite email asking for an update a few days later and it was IGNORED. I sent another email 2 days ago and that too has been ignored.


Either this company is now confirmed to be in the business of scamming its customers where it pleases or their overall level of service is abysmal. Either way do NOT touch this company with a barge-pole.


I am going to give this another week or two before I get legal advice and begin contacting online news outlets because as I told them originally there is not a chance in hell I will let this go.

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