Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Slam Bitcoin Again, Resort To Elementary School Insults

Billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway's Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett reiterated his negative stance towards cryptocurrencies at the annual meeting of his company Saturday, May 5. Buffet repeated his idea that cryptocurrencies will come to a “bad ending,” and claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) is …
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Last resort: Can’t withdraw 50 BTC from Coinbase vault. Support doesn’t help and breaks their own set deadlines. Forced to escalate it on social media

Hey reddit,

I am extremely frustrated with Coinbase, their platform and their support.
I have held funds in their multisignature vault and wanted to withdraw them on July 7th. Due to their broken platform I was not able to do so, as the transaction was stuck in "creating transaction" indefinately. The same process was working for withdrawals from this vault without issues before.

I immediately contacted support which was not able to help me. They even had this amazing autoreply after 2 days because they didn't answer me:

Josie Jul 21, 2016 07:41AM Thank you for contacting Coinbase Support! We sincerely apologize for not having been able to answer your request in a reasonable amount of time. If this is still a priority for you and you have been unable to find a solution in our Support Center (https://support.coinbase.com), simply reply to this email with a note that you still need help (you don’t need to re-explain the issue you’re experiencing), and we will do our best to address it as soon as possible. If your issue has been resolved please do not reply to this email. Thank you for your patience during this time and for your continued support while we work to improve our services. 

Even after I explained all of it to them again they weren't able to resolve this issue, and exactly 34 days ago they sent me this: "… we’ll need to wait for the developers to take a look and fix it. My apologies for the issue."

I was mildly annoyed but atleast I was happy that it will be fixed soon. Well… I was wrong…

After waiting 3 weeks I contacted them again because nobody gave me an update and the issue was still not resolved. They responded with:

AUG 21, 2016 | 05:12AM PDT Randy replied: Hello again xxxx, I’m very sorry for the trouble. I’ve let our developers know about this ongoing issue with the cosigners Vault and will update you with the information I can get from them this Tuesday at last. Sorry again for the issue, and all the trouble this may have caused. I’ll make sure to contact to back before the end of the day on Tuesday. Randy Coinbase Support 

I was slightly more annoyed but thought it would now be fixed soon after 6 weeks for holding the money hostage. But tuesday came and guess what… no answer from Coinbase. I am not the person to raise issues on social media to get attention on the topic, but I literally warned them and said that if they don't fix this I will feel forced to do so. I hope this post forces them to finally fix this critical issue

TL;DR: Coinbase has 50 BTC in the multisig vault that can't be withdrawn for 6 weeks because the platform is broken. They promise a fix but don't deliver within their own deadline. Outcry on social media so that the issue gets finally fixed.

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