Elon Musk’s Mysterious Tweet Results in $35,000 Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s big news event for today was dominated by the official unveiling of the long-awaited $ 35,000 Model 3. Excitement over the new low-cost sedan was sapped, however, after Elon Musk delivered disappointing news about Tesla’s profitability prospects. Tesla Unveils $ 35,000 Model 3 $ 35,000 Tesla Model 3 Available Nowhttps://t.co/xZ0J4rbbgM — Tesla (@Tesla) February 28, 2019 The Model 3’s new $ 35,000 version will have a 220-mile battery pack range. New buyers will only be able to make purchases online. Here’s a look at the bare bones Standard Model 3 specs. There is a range of options available, and they’re noted on the

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Attention: The post about the SEC opened up a site (etf[dot]vote) to vote for or against SolidX Bitcoin ETF a few hours ago is fake. The file to be downloaded with the voting results contains a virus! Don’t download, don’t open!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

PSA: New merchants please avoid bitpay, they don’t support bitcoin address’s which results in fewer BTC payments/clients. Alternatives: btcpay, coingate, globee (with btc + lightning support)

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

The Results Are In: Dragonmint T1 Doesn’t Make the S9 Obsolete (news.bitcoin.com)

There’s been a lot of skepticism aimed at the company Halong Mining and its machine the Dragonmint T1. The firm announced in November of 2017 that it would be distributing its Dragonmint devices in 2018 and stated its miners would be the most efficient machines on the market. So far, after all the controversy, some Dragonmint miners have been delivered and reviews show the machines do produce close to 16 terrahash per second during operation  but the rigs are not even close…