Satoshi Nakamoto built in defenses against quantum computing attacks – If you use one Bitcoin address one time, then your ECDSA public key is only ever revealed at the one time that you spend bitcoins sent to each address. A quantum computer would need to be to break your key in that short time.

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Secretive Chinese bitcoin mining company just revealed a new chip that could hurt AMD, Nvidia

Bitmain dominates the "bitcoin" industry with its specialized ASIC chips that are more efficient at mining than graphic chips from AMD and Nvidia. Bernstein has said Bitmain likely made as much as Nvidia did last year. Analysts estimate that most of Bitmain's revenue is generated by selling mining rigs …
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Elon Musk Just Revealed the Surprising Amount of Bitcoin He Owns

Entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk — man whose name is synonymous with boundary-pushing companies like Tesla and SpaceX — just revealed how much Bitcoin he owns. And it's not a lot. “I literally own zero cryptocurrency, apart from .25 BTC that a friend sent me many years ago,” Musk said in …
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Bitcoin Exchange BTC-E and BitcoinTalk Forum Breaches’ Details Revealed

The details of cyberattacks resulting in breaches of user data from two prominent bitcoin websites – bitcoin exchange BTC-e and Bitcointalk.or, the largest bitcoin forum around –  have been revealed. Data breach indexing and monitoring resource LeakedSource has revealed details surrounding data breaches suffered by bitcoin exchange Btc-e in 2014 and bitcoin discussion forum in […]

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