Ex-Bitcoin CEO Reveals Jail Nightmare, Says 'Bitcoin Is Doomed'

(Newser) – One of the most infamous figures in Bitcoin history has endured death threats, interrogations, and a year in solitary at a Tokyo jail. Now Mark Karpelès is telling his full story for the first time. "I think this really is the worst experience for anyone to have in life," he tells Fortune. "But based on the …
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Bitcoin price: Cryptocurrency analyst reveals WHY bitcoin is likely to SURGE

The finance expert dismissed claims that bitcoin is an indicator for the market, saying “it seems like a stretch”. A recent statement by Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, floated the idea of Nasdaq becoming a cryptocurrency exchange. The move has been warmly received with one industry analyst saying, …
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Crypto Funds Drop 29.2% in March Reveals Hedge Fund Data Specialist (news.bitcoin.com)

In theory, hedge funds employ complex investment strategies that should allow them to achieve high returns both in bearish and bullish markets. In practice many fail due to short term thinking and over-leveraged trading. These can be especially costly and not suitable for the young and volatile cryptocurrency market as any long time bitcoin HODLer can tell you.  
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Bermuda Reveals Draft Crypto Regulations, Plans to Embrace ICOs (news.bitcoin.com)

The Bermuda Monetary Authority has issued a consultation paper on draft regulations pertaining to “virtual currency businesses” and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The proposed bill seeks to create a framework that encourages and fosters the development of Bermuda’s nascent cryptocurrency industry.
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