Ripple XRP Says The Revolution Will Be Televised – What Revolution?

Ripple’s regular movement of funds from its escrow wallet to a hot wallet is always noted by crypto whale watchers, such as Whale Alert, which tracks large movements of coins. Ripple conducts a transfer at the beginning of every month and usually returns a large portion of XRP back to escrow. They are authorized by smart contract to use the whole amount if necessary, but prices have been kind to them in recent years. Here’s a tweet from Whale Alert this morning: 841 #BTC (3,265,958 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to Unknown wallet Tx: — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) March 1,

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How the World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Helped Usher in the Dawn of a Currency Revolution

The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, is flush with massive profits from its operations in 2018, estimated from buybacks of its BNB token to total $ 446 million. Although Bitcoin is trading at a loss over the last 12 months, transaction volume has been steadily increasing over the last year, so Binance has been busy. “To date, even in this bear market, we still run a profitable business,” Binance CFO Wei Zhou told CNBC in a phone interview Wednesday. Binance is looking good in 2019. Awash with cash from its 2018 operations, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange flexed some half a

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Binance CEO: ‘We’re Still at the Beginning of the Beginning’ of Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin billionaire Changpeng Zhao has an encouraging message for crypto fans who fear they missed the boat on the cryptocurrency bandwagon: The bitcoin revolution is still “at the beginning of the beginning,” so you haven’t missed anything yet. Zhao ― the founder of cryptocurrency exchange Binance ― was responding to a Twitter user who says he wishes he had jumped on the bandwagon in 2013, when bitcoin was still an obscure technology in its infancy. In 2013, the bitcoin price fluctuated between $ 13 and $ 947. Today, the bitcoin price ― though heavily battered ― hovers at around $ 3,600. Changpeng Zhao: You Haven’t Seen Anything

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Are we ready to drop the “Bitcoin is a fiat investment” narrative and get on with the revolution yet?

I may just be talking for myself here, but feel like we Bitcoiners are starting to wake up from this bizarre narrative (THEIR Narrative, and we all know who THEY are) that Bitcoin is some kind of digital asset 'investment' made in fiat to buy and sell (hopefully) in return for fiat profits.

It seems like the shortest time ago, Bitcoin was all about a peaceful silent revolution where, by simply buying what we could afford to lose and encouraging others to do the same and HODLing, we had a chance – maybe the only chance in human history – to remove the power of a select few to create money out of thin air to lord it over all of us and throw endless fake wars with it.

Then suddenly, we started 'getting rich', in fiat terms of course (our meager Bitcoin HODLings staying the same).

We got drunk on the euphoria. 'Real traders' with suits, the talking heads, the IMF, the rothschildes for god's sake – everyone in fact – raving on about the ROI of Bitcoin 'investments'. TA, buy low sell high, price predictions, lambos etc dominated our feeds and our thoughts.

We were duped.

THEY (and again, we know who THEY are) fooled us into viewing Bitcoin not as the revolutionary leaderless, censorship/gov resistant, borderless, permissionless and transparent form of exchange this world has NEVER had, but rather just another thing to buy with substanceless, permissioned fake fiat currency to 'get rich'.

In short, we all, bitcoiners and nocoiners alike, viewed the whole phenomena from the perspective THEY decided for us.

Not the perspective we were employing at the time – our perspective, our narrative. We allowed, in our own hearts and minds, OUR narrative to be replaced.

Then came the divide and conquer – the apparent 'scaling debate'. It took us by surprise. We hurried to study up on it (some more than others) and consequently chose 'our team' without ever realizing it was THEIR idea, this debate.

Their 'agreements', their fork, their version of Bitcoin ensued. We got sucked into battling with the gullible few who fell for it and who consequently (and understandably) dug in their heals to defend their erroneous decisions. We got side tracked, again, inTHEIR narrative. It bought them a lot of time and strengthened their successful narrative that made us view this phenomena as a fiat 'investment'.

Guess what, we are still standing, Bitcoin, the money badger don't care, it's still moving forward. When will we ??

Are we ready to drop THEIR narrative, THEIR perspective and get on with the revolution yet???

Our children, grand children etc are still depending on us.

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