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You can try a testnet Bitcoin Lightning transaction right now !

Go to this site :, click on "Got it, I wrote it down", get your tBTC (not real BTC, "t" is for "testnet"). Then, you can go buy some fresh articles with Lightning transactions at or some Caffe Latte at .

You need to copy the "payment request" of the site you want to buy from and paste it onto your lightning wallet (in "send tBTC"). Once the transaction is confirmed on your wallet, you can go see on the site you bought from that the transaction has been confirmed instantly. All of this is still under development but lightning devs are doing an amazing job at it ! It's not that far down the road !

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

The bitcoin frenzy right now is like dotcom bubble in 1995, digital currency hedge fund manager says

Investors should be careful of the euphoria that's propelled bitcoin into the stratosphere, says BKCM founder Brian Kelly. "If you look at the internet in 1995, that's where you are in digital currencies," warns Kelly. Kelly who calls himself a "value speculator" in digital currencies and sees greater opportunity …
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