Bitcoin price rise expected, with less than 4 million tokens left to be mined

The fewer Bitcoin there are left to be mined, the harder the mining process becomes. In fact, it's believed that the final Bitcoin will be mined in 2140 − more than a century from now. To put that into context, it's taken just over nine years to mine the first 17 million Bitcoin. This scarcity is widely expected to …
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Spring Sees Bitcoin Cash Adoption Rise (

After dropping in value with the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosystem the digital asset bitcoin cash (BCH) is making a comeback over the past 72 hours. BCH reached a low of $ 620 per coin on April 6 and a week later the price has increased over ten percent. At the moment during today’s trading sessions on Friday, the 13th, bitcoin cash is averaging around $ 760 per coin.
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UK Bank says Bitcoin Rise was “Viral” but Bulls Predict new Highs in 2018

The price of Bitcoin has been fluctuating around the $ 7000 mark, falling from a 2018 high of $ 11,500 in March and it's all-time high of around $ 20,000 in December of 2017. Some experts at Barclays are warning that it might not come back up. The Independent reported that analysts at UK's Barclays …
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