Roger Ver is a well-known scammer.


"Roger Ver openly admitting that he will promote BCash as Bitcoin"

"MtGox is fine" Roger Ver Thousands of people lost their life savings on Mtgox shortly after that.

Vote manipulation:

Astroturfing – "Roger Ver pays a public relations company to astroturf social media with anti-core, pro-BU propaganda."- former mod

Roger´s sockpuppets:

Bought accounts to push agenda: founder Roger Ver abuses admin access at;all

Roger buying likes on twitter

Roger Ver Lies

Antpool = Viabtc conclusive proof

The fee lie – Everyone can see that roger ver is lying again when there are literally no txs in the #Bitcoin mempool and 5 sat txs are in the next block

More fee lies from "Bitcoin Judas"

Roger Ver lies more often than he tells the truth. This is not an attack, just an objective observation of the facts.

"Mt. Gox is totally fine." ( … shortly thereafter Mt. Gox implodes … "I am here to 'apologize'. Even though everything I said when I told you 'Mt. Gox is fine' was true, I am sorry that some of you lost money when it collapsed. Buy ether."

"I am banned from posting in /r/Bitcoin" … accidentally posts to /r/Bitcoin … "Oops. Now I'll pretend like I never claimed to be banned from /r/Bitcoin, and ignore anyone who asks me about that claim."

"I've dumped a few hundred BTC for BCC"… 2 weeks later: "I haven't sold a single Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash up until yesterday"

He lies about the subreddit he controls. He regularly lies about his holdings. He lied and scammed his way into the domain, which he uses to push out FUD about Bitcoin and its developers. He lies on agreements he signs (e.g. "the pool will mine with NYA/btc1/2x code… whoops just kidding, we're mining bcash instead"). He even had the audacity to lie about what happened in court, when there is a public transcript available which disproves everything he said.

There are more examples of blatant deception that I don't have the time or patience to dig up right now. Make no mistake: the man is, unfortunately, a sociopath.

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