Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining, Payments, and Token Sales (

The Russian Ministry of Finance has revealed some details of the upcoming bill to regulate cryptocurrencies which the ministry has been preparing in collaboration with the central bank. The ministry is considering restricting cryptocurrency mining and penalizing crypto payments as well as prohibiting token sales on the secondary market.
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Square will generate $30 million in annual sales from bitcoin in 2 years, Credit Suisse predicts

Credit Suisse raises its price target for Square shares because of its opportunity in the digital currency market. "We estimate that if Square can accumulate 10m bitcoin buyers over two years (tracking Coinbase's growth), this could drive an incremental $ 30m in revenue," the firm's analyst writes.
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South Korea Advances Crypto Bill Targeting Multi-Level and Door-to-Door Sales (

South Korea is moving forward with a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies. According to the country’s Ministry of Justice, the bill will primarily focus on cracking down criminal activities including crimes perpetuated through multi-level and door-to-door sales.
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As Bitcoin’s Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend (

As bitcoin rises in value people selling luxury goods and real estate for BTC is happening more often these days. This year there’s been a lot more homes for sale from individuals posting ads on public websites like Craigslist and bitcoin-based businesses that are specifically tailored to selling real estate.  
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