seeking buyers of B2X coins. price 3 for 1, in 750B2X batches for 250BTC. many batches available.

I consider a spinoff coin, like B2X, that can be changed at the private interests of 12 guys in a new york hotel room (half of who already refused to sign, left or split to promote BCH or embarrassed the others with an ICO) to be an anathema to uncensorable, permissionless, unseizable & unfreezable global internet money, it will be a centralised spinoff coin, and have no differentiating value (assuming it is not abandoned pre-fork).

Miner hashrate does not define Bitcoin, they are a service provider, ordering transactions. If a miner mines BCH Bitcoin fullnodes automatically ignore it. Same with B2X or dogecoin. Bitcoin is Bitcoin. No change can be externally forced on Bitcoin hodlers without users choosing, of their own volition to opt in to a change.

A corporate controlled medium security centralised chain trending towards IOU from a few companies in the US, is not valuable and is not Bitcoin. A centralised coin can never be uncensorable, permissionless, unfreezable, unseizable and anti-fragile. This will be the case, not by choice, or even intent in all cases (though certainly in some cases), but simply because companies must comply with regulations. It is folly to seek to centralise Bitcoin, because centralised Bitcoin is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin will continue as is and centralised spinoff coins will be increasingly undifferentiated. Bitcoin has value because of it's properties, which depend on it being decentralised, and resilient to corporate takeover and pivots in the interests of a few retail payment companies.

As Vijay Boyapati says

When an aircraft manufacturer launches a new super jumbo, the executives and management and senior engineers of the manufacturer ride on the maiden voyage. The NYA and B2X proponents are cowering in a reinforced range observation bunker for the crash or near miss due to the rushed work of others to avoid disaster from their recklessness.

The few remaining NYA / B2X proponents make claims which are based on false confidence and misconstrued metrics. They never buy B2X, shy away from offers starting at 1:1 and even 3:2, and 2:1. So I am trying 3:1 because not only do I believe they have no commitment but I want the trade. With this trade, if the B2X fork does not happen by 31 Dec 2017, then the B2X coins will have $ 0 value but the BTC in escrow will still become due. 750 B2X for 250 BTC batches.

I need a signed message from the private keys showing ownership of coins.

The funds will be escrowed by a bitcoin aware lawyer, very high reputation Bitcoiner or exchange operator.

Funds will be escrowed before the fork, no take backs.

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