Bitcoin sees muted action, consolidates after drop under key, long-term trend line

A single bitcoin last traded at $ 8,847.25, down 2.5%, since Wednesday levels at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Kraken. Despite the decline Wednesday, industry participants remain upbeat, with the price of bitcoin still 30% off its April low. “Overall things remain positive,” said Charles Hayter, co-founder of …
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Spring Sees Bitcoin Cash Adoption Rise (

After dropping in value with the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosystem the digital asset bitcoin cash (BCH) is making a comeback over the past 72 hours. BCH reached a low of $ 620 per coin on April 6 and a week later the price has increased over ten percent. At the moment during today’s trading sessions on Friday, the 13th, bitcoin cash is averaging around $ 760 per coin.
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Bitcoin Prediction Market Fairlay Sees Sizable Volumes (

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the concept of prediction markets is a topical subject. There are a few projects in the works hoping to build decentralized prediction markets such as Augur and Hivemind. One particular project, although not fully ‘trustless’ at the moment, Fairlay, has been moving a staggering amount of volume over the past few months with over 100 to 150 BTC per day at times.
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Bitcoin SUCCESS sees Australia pledge creation of price stable gold-backed cryptocurrency

A number of cryptocurrencies have risen in popularity over the past 12 months with bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum all seeing surges. Richard Hayes, Chief Executive of Perth Mint said: “I think as the world moves through times of increasing uncertainty, you're seeing people look for alternate offerings.
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Bitcoin is the 'gateway drug' to cryptomania, and analyst Nick Colas sees no end in sight

Wall Street's first analyst to cover bitcoin never thought it would reach such a fever pitch. "It is clear that all of the enthusiasm around bitcoin earlier in the year has now morphed into a general craze, if you will, for all things crypto," Nick Colas said Wednesday on CNBC's "Trading Nation." "I think of bitcoin …
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