A 1.6meg Block Was Mined / GO SegWit!!! / NO2X

A 1.6meg block was mined this morning by Bitcoin-India Mining Pool. And it was followed by a 1.262meg block.

I follow the blocks pretty close. I'm not sure if this 1.6meg block is the biggest so far, but it's the BIGGEST I've seen.

Electrum Wallet has a new release (3.0) which has SegWit Address Support. If you're using Electrum, be sure to upgrade to 3.0. (If you're running Windows 7 or 8, hold off on upgrading to 3.0. There seems to be a bug with Windows7 & 8 that keeps Electrum 3.0 from running. You probably want to wait for Electrum 3.1)

SegWit will take us to ~2megs block until Schnorr Signatures come out later this month or next. Then we'll start to see blocks 3 to 3.8megs.

A 2x Hard Fork is not wanted for needed at this time. Sidechains and 2nd Layer solutions are a much better way to scale Bitcoin. Increasing the blocksize to levels needed for Worldwide Mass Adoption would break the decentralized Bitcoin network.

GO SegWit!!!! / NO2X

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Roger Ver supported bcash HF, because it doesn’t have Segwit. Now he is supporting B2X fork, because?

From what I've heard, Ver is pro bcash, because Segwit sucks and is against original whitepaper. But now I'm hearing he is pro b2x, the chain that will have segwit activated.

It just doesn't make sense. I think that someone who supports bcash as one true real bitcoin, should not be supporting b2x HF, because it is a total opposite.

Unless of course that person only cares about money. In that case it makes sense.

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HitBTC exchange is the first to support SegWit

Segregated Witness is supported on BTC deposits and withdrawals!

Here's our announcement.

All outcoming transactions are sent in SegWit format. Enjoy low fees and high speed transactions!

To start receiving SegWit deposits, you would need just to generate new Bitcoin address. Your old address will remain active as well.

Try HitBTC

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