I’m creating a self-hosted, lightning Patreon alternative called satsbacker

I wasn't too happy with the current Bitcoin patreon alternatives (tallycoin and bitbacker) so I've created my own. The goal is to have a *self-hosted* and open-source (MIT licensed) alternative to solve this problem for good.

It currently only supports the Bitcoin lightning network, but I plan to implement onchain payments, and stripe/paypal as well. No shitcoins (fork it if you wish).

I've started a satsbacker for satsbacker. You can help fund development here: https://satsbacker.com. There's also a testnet version to get your feet wet if you haven't tried lightning yet: https://testnet.satsbacker.com. If there's enough interest I will release the source and a full fledged version in the coming months. I plan to make this a self-hosted and self-sovereign alternative to btcpayserver, earn.com, yalls.org, etc. Please send upboats and bits if this sounds interesting to you!


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