Coinbase is selling user data. (

I just got a call from (212) 729-7555 asking if I was interested in learning more about Bitcoin and if I wanted to generate profit. The caller said he was calling from Bitcoin Group, and that my information most likely came from Coinbase. Given I never signed up for anything on any Bitcoin related website, I think its safe to assume he got it from Bitcoin. He knew my name and number, both of which are required to register. Is there anything wrong with this? Personally feel a little creeped…


PSA: Bitmain is selling off our contact info to spammers

I have a policy of using <company>@<my domain> whenever I sign up for an online account, since <any address>@<my domain> comes to my email account. This lets me track who is selling my contact information because if I receive an email from <company A> which has <company B>@<my domain> as the email target, I know that <company B> has sold/informed <company A> about me.

This morning, I received an email from It was spam, of course, the 'your invoice' link was a link to some vet site, nothing to do with crypto at all. The interesting thing is:

  • That it was sent to bitmain@<my domain>, thus telling me who sold the address

  • Also, it had the first line of the delivery address that I sent my miners to.

I co-locate my miners, and no other company has ever been given the co-location address. This puts the ball firmly in Bitmain's park.

They are selling our contact details to spammers.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

If you get arrested for selling bitcoins, please sent an email to


Just learned that another bitcoiner plead guilty and did not know about it.

If you get arrested, please send me an email so I can document it and alert the right people.


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Man Arrested For Selling Darknet Drug to College Students (

Following the recent reports of a high rise in Darknet related drugs among the youth, authorities have taken positions on the various Darknet platforms to arrest suppliers. The Ohio authorities have produced one other evidence of the ongoing drug trade by arresting an Iowa man in this process. In order to avoid a risk of being exposed,…


Bitmain Made Around $4B in Operating Profit Last Year Selling Bitcoin Mining Rigs, Analysts …

According to Bernstein analysts, Bitmain, the Chinese company manufacturing Bitcoin miners and running mining pools, is likely to have made around $ 4 billion in operating profit last year, based on conservative estimates. The report, published on Wednesday and cited by CNBC, compares Bitmain's …
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