If you get arrested for selling bitcoins, please sent an email to fight@AbolishTheBitlicense.org


Just learned that another bitcoiner plead guilty and did not know about it.

If you get arrested, please send me an email so I can document it and alert the right people.


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Man Arrested For Selling Darknet Drug to College Students (deepd.tw)

Following the recent reports of a high rise in Darknet related drugs among the youth, authorities have taken positions on the various Darknet platforms to arrest suppliers. The Ohio authorities have produced one other evidence of the ongoing drug trade by arresting an Iowa man in this process. In order to avoid a risk of being exposed,…


Bitmain Made Around $4B in Operating Profit Last Year Selling Bitcoin Mining Rigs, Analysts …

According to Bernstein analysts, Bitmain, the Chinese company manufacturing Bitcoin miners and running mining pools, is likely to have made around $ 4 billion in operating profit last year, based on conservative estimates. The report, published on Wednesday and cited by CNBC, compares Bitmain's …
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US Federal Authorities Arrest Man for Selling 9.99 Bitcoin (news.bitcoin.com)

If you are thinking about selling bitcoin for cash inside the Unites States to people you don’t know, caution is advised. A reminder to stay alert for undercover government agents who might try to entrap you has been served by a recent California case.
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Does the fact that the 100 richest bitcoin addresse adding/not selling off prove promising for Bitcoin? (reddit.com)

So in my head, these people with loads of money in bitcoin have got to know a thing or two about making money, based on the sheer amount in their wallets. Does this mean it is more likely that bitcoin will succeed or is it possible for these rich list people to be bagholders? It’s just a thought. If it proves usesful, could that be a good indicator of when or when not to sell? Also would it be likely that these richest Bitcoin wallets are mostly exchange wallets? Thoughts would be…


Sooo… You guys are aware that Bitmain is selling used equipment ?

I don't understand people buying Antminers. Bought from them in 2013-2014. Here is what i discovered investigating why one of the Antminer was full of dust.

Here is what Bitmain does.

1-They manufacture Antminers.

2-Keep the production of newer units "secret".

3-Calculate very thoroughly when to announce and sell them so their costumers will be (or think they will be) able to make some pennies.

4 -Dump their used equipment on the market by batches as the new version batches comes in freshly manufactured.

5- Repeat.

Conclusion: Unless you have privileged access to miners or free electricity, avoid mining.

Invest directly in Bitcoins.

Sending 1 BTC to Bitmain to get miners might result in 1.00xxx BTC. Why is that ? Because Bitmain sells the Antminers very close to the amount of BTC it will be able to mine in the future considering difficulty. Hours of work for close to nothing.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet