I’ve sent a transaction with 0.00001 btc fee (~0.03 USD), it confirmed slowly but it confirmed. Bitcoin still works. Don’t give in to the FUD, let’s fight mining centralization and spam attacks on the mempool!

We need SegWit, we need Lightning, we need UASF! Miners don't care about the Bitcoin's vision, they will only try to maximize profits (for example by demanding bigger blocks). We shouldn't listen to them, neither should we pay attention to their representatives. We decide the future of Bitcoin and they decide whether they want to take part in mining our coins.

Bitcoin's core value is decentralization. I hope everyone appreciates what this means for us and for the future of value exchange.

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It appears Authy read my Reddit post about multi device vulnerability. They just sent out this mass email. Thanks for everyone who added to the discussion and thanks to Authy for helping to improve our communities security!! (reddit.com)

Dear Coinbase user, We are notifying you because you currently, or have previously, used the Authy app to protect access to a Coinbase account. Due to a recent increase in sophisticated attacks targeting Coinbase users, we are taking extra precaution to protect your account. In combination with social engineering and password theft, attackers are porting phone numbers (also known as SIM swapping). Once they fraudulently gain control of a user’s phone number, attackers can add new devices to…