Bitcoin Price Will Likely Surge as Mt. Gox Sell Off Paused Until September

Over the past several days Bitcoin has experienced a large drop in value. The entire market has followed this trend, with Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple all declining by similar margins. Analysts have attributed the recent fall to a massive sell-off of almost 40,000 Bitcoin by a Mt. Gox trustee.
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Everyone that’s mainly trading in/buying Bitcoin and is concerned about it’s network should start using Bitstamp. They transact in batches, has been supporting Segwit from 7th of September, and they pay for all outgoing fees.

Title says it all. Everyone that's complaining about the current situation should move their business over to Bitstamp for stated reasons. Plus they are fully regulated and licensed in Luxembourg, which means multiple audits every year, and they hold most of their holdings in cold storage. I think it's one of the best exchanges for Bitcoin's ecosystem.

I'm not shilling for them, my reason for posting this is because I want to motivate users of this sub to stop just complaining and start being more proactive – we should all show our fuck you to those exchanges that doesn't care by moving our business to those that care.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

This is correction number #8 since the inception of Bitcoin. Last correction was on September 2nd, when price dropped 35% from $4925 to $3226 over the course of eleven days. Historically the corrections has diminished percentage wise over the years. (redd

Just some context for the faint of heart.