The Crypto Show Dr. Craig Wright Shares His Thoughts On Lightning Networks And Bitcoin Core (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we interview none other than Craig Wright! Brian Deery from Factom joins us as a cohost to ask the tough technical questions (and not so tough personal and inside-joke questions). We discuss scalability, lightning network, sidechains, segwit, the future of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, economics and banking, the existing precedent for many of Bitcoin’s supposed innovations, the necessity for commercialization and profit-driven technologies and…


Iced Tea Firm’s Shares Quadruple After Changing Name to ‘Long Blockchain Corporation’ (

A small U.S. beverage company’s share price has increased by more than 400% in a single day after rebranding to include the word ‘blockchain’ in its name. The company, formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp, is now called Long Blockchain Corporation. A Hong Kong-based beverage company formerly-named


Square shares rise after Evercore ISI says bitcoin test is innovative, upgrades stock

Evercore ISI upgrades Square to outperform, highlighting the company's bitcoin testing as a potential revenue source down the road. Analyst Rayna Kumar also underscores Square's new technologies like Square Register, saying the new products should advance the company upmarket. Shares of …
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Bitcoin Group SE Shares Skyrocket Along with Bitcoin’s Ascent (

Shares of the company Bitcoin Group SE have skyrocketed along with the rise of bitcoin’s price. Its shares have almost doubled since the previous year. Their value moved from EUR 775 ($ 909.35) to EUR 1,770 ($ 2076.83) this year, according to a German financial press release. The company is now also trading on