The Crypto Show At LaBitConf In Bogata With Dash Caracas, Brazil, Columbia And Acapulco On Board (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny is attending the Latin American Bitcoin Conference and brings us Dash enthusiasts from various countries in Latin America. This episode host five different Dash proposal owners I’d say that’s a first. Our first guest is Eugenia, who hails from Venezuela. She tells us about the economic conditions in her country and how Dash and Bitcoin are already helping people who are suffering from the grip of their State’s destructive socialist policies….


The Crypto Show Live From Mexico City With Jose Rodriguez Of Bitso (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny has finally made it to Mexico City, although sans his RV because of bureaucratic issues. He and Jose Rodriguez of Bitso join us from Danny’s hotel room to talk about the earthquake relief efforts that are planned, including visiting orphanages to help out children, who are often the worst-affected by such natural disasters. We also talk about the ongoing Bitso saga of finding a new office since their building was destroyed in the earthquake….


Roger Ver is paying millions in social media attacks against bitcoin – please take a minute and show him that we are bitcoin!

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Meanwhile, they continue milking the Bcash cow, and thousands of newbies keep buying his cowshit.

Hell, they even give him gold when he openly lies to them and scams them in broad r/btc daylight (third link), here's some evidence of their scammy and shady behavior: "Roger Ver pays a public relations company to astroturf social media with anti-core, pro-BU propaganda."- former mod Good example of shill/bought accounts to push agenda founder Roger Ver abuses admin access at Roger buying likes on Twitter Roger says he paid a $  600 fee for a #Bitcoin tx in the last 24 hours. It's nice to see /r/btc call out his bullshit. 

Flashback: Remember MtGox? Watch Roger lying:

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The Crypto Show: Chris Odom, Justus Ranvier, Daniel Krawisz & Dimitry Murashchik StashNode Wallet Release (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we talk in studio to Daniel Krawisz, Chris Odom, and Justus Ranvier from Stash about the Stash Node Pro, what it does and how it works as a “bank in a box,” and they specially announce for the first time, as a Crypto Show scoop, that their android app has been released as of the time of the show. Dmitri (Rassah) murashchik formerly of Mycelium.also joins us in studio. I mention that there is an investment round that Stash is involved in at…


The Crypto Show Mystery Guest (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny and Chris are their own guests. We talk about the Texas Bitcoin Conference, Dash and Bitcoin ATMs, remittance payments and their relation to our upcoming Dash proposal, alt36, and Danny’s eventual trip to Mexico City to help with relief efforts and his trip to the upcoming cannabis convention. coupon code: CRYPTOSponsored by:


The Crypto Show: Paul Snow Bitcoin Drama x 63,000,000 & The 3rd Anual Texas Bitcoin Conference (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Chief Architect at Factom, Inc., and CEO of the Factom Foundation Paul Snow joins us to discuss the 3rd Annual Texas Bitcoin Conference, recent developments at Factom, ICOs and coins, and the ongoing “Bitcoin Drama,” as well as the Austin Bitcoin meetup. Great show! coupon code: crypto Sponsored by: Dash,…


The Crypto Show: Rolf Versluis Of ZenCash & Jose Rodriguez Of Bitso (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we interview Zen Cash’s head of business operations Rolf Versluis about Zen Cash, a relatively new cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential thanks to its unique combination of features. We also talk about their very generous donation to the relief efforts in Mexico City after the major earthquake there. In the second hour, we interview Jose Rodriguez of Bitso, the largest Bitcoin exchange in Mexico and one of the largest in Latin America. We talk…