Post-Cable Network Cheddar Launches TV Show ‘Crypto Craze’ (

On March 15 the post-cable network Cheddar announced it will be broadcasting a thirty-minute show about cryptocurrencies called ‘Crypto Craze.’ The show will explore investment strategies for digital assets like bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum.
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Online Stock Brokerage Firm Sponsors a TV Show Called ‘Crypto…


Regain Control From Nanny Zuck – How You Make Facebook Show You The News Again (

The beginning of 2018 saw a dramatic change in how the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook, presented its content. Curation has always been a real issue with Facebook, but users who were once empowered to decide their personal feed scroll are now actively being managed. Here’s how to gain back some control.
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Striking similarity between Ellen DeGeneres’ 2018 “Bitcoin Explanation” and 1994 Today’s Show “What is the Internet, Anyway?”

Do you not see the repetition of history here?

2018: Ellen DeGeneres: If you want to know what bitcoin is, I learned about it. A bit.


1994: The Today Show: "What is the Internet, Anyway?"

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Leaked Document Appears to Show NSA Infiltrated Cryptos, Tor, VPN (

A photograph posted on imageboard 4chan appears to show a leaked 21 August 2017 memorandum from the US Army Cyber Protection Brigade. The document alludes to the US Army teaming with the National Security Administration (NSA) in ongoing successful investigations against “Tor, I2P, and VPN,” with a request for additional funding for further projects against cryptocurrencies.
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The Crypto Show Dr. Craig Wright Shares His Thoughts On Lightning Networks And Bitcoin Core (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” we interview none other than Craig Wright! Brian Deery from Factom joins us as a cohost to ask the tough technical questions (and not so tough personal and inside-joke questions). We discuss scalability, lightning network, sidechains, segwit, the future of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, economics and banking, the existing precedent for many of Bitcoin’s supposed innovations, the necessity for commercialization and profit-driven technologies and…


The Crypto Show At LaBitConf In Bogata With Dash Caracas, Brazil, Columbia And Acapulco On Board (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny is attending the Latin American Bitcoin Conference and brings us Dash enthusiasts from various countries in Latin America. This episode host five different Dash proposal owners I’d say that’s a first. Our first guest is Eugenia, who hails from Venezuela. She tells us about the economic conditions in her country and how Dash and Bitcoin are already helping people who are suffering from the grip of their State’s destructive socialist policies….


The Crypto Show Live From Mexico City With Jose Rodriguez Of Bitso (letstalk)

On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny has finally made it to Mexico City, although sans his RV because of bureaucratic issues. He and Jose Rodriguez of Bitso join us from Danny’s hotel room to talk about the earthquake relief efforts that are planned, including visiting orphanages to help out children, who are often the worst-affected by such natural disasters. We also talk about the ongoing Bitso saga of finding a new office since their building was destroyed in the earthquake….