Markets Update: Trader Sentiment Optimistic But Signals Still Unclear (

Cryptocurrency markets are bouncing around in value over the course of the weekend as the entire crypto-market capitalization currently rests at $ 329 billion USD. BTC/USD markets briefly jumped above the $ 9K region on Sunday, March 25 but dropped an hour later to a low of $ 8,398. Most of the digital currencies within the crypto-economy have followed suit with BTC as most coins have lost 3-5 percent in value during the late night (EDT) trading sessions.
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Bitcoin price falls below $6000 as banker signals crackdown

The price of bitcoin fell below $ 6,000 (£4,300) for the first time this year as a leading central banker said it posed a threat to financial stability and signalled a global clampdown on the cryptocurrency. The new head of the Bank for International Settlements, Agustín Carstens, said bitcoin had become a …
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Bitcoin Slips After Frantic Rally as Traders Await Fresh Signals

Bitcoin's gyrations in early 2018 has investors, regulators and onlookers debating whether the speculative bubble has popped after a 1,400 percent ascent last year. While it staged multiple comebacks in 2017 following double-digit losses, the digital coin has not been able to string together a rally …
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I just hooked up 3 old ASICs to a pool that signals Segwit

I dug them out from my storage, dusted them off and hooked them back up. These machines are really old: two Butterfly Labs machines and an Antminer S1. The cost of energy will be a lot higher than the Satoshis they'll mine. But what the heck, the real reason why one should mine is not greed but the support of the Bitcoin network anyway. I suggest everyone does that. Dust off your old ASICs and support pools that signal Segwit.

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