Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Dip Significantly Hitting a 30-Day Low (

The price of bitcoin has dropped to its lowest average this month, to a low of $ 3,426 amid the recent regulatory storm brewing in China. At the moment the price is struggling to stay above the $ 3,570 range as traders are waiting for the floor to appear and open new positions.
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PSA: Prices UP SIGNIFICANTLY on CHINESE exchanges AS OF 1:05AM DO NOT listen to WSJ or other bullshit fud

Check bitcoin wisdom.

I mean honestly, who would title their article "Bye, bitcoin: China to ban trading of virtual currencies" laden with old news unless they were intentionally trying to manipulate prices.

Just a PSA to upvote

EDIT: The FUD on this post in the comments by people is a sad example of people who didn't buy in early enough for their liking. The world isn't fair, don't trust these screwballs. Do your own research.

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"Article making a bold statement with no sources. Give the writer of the article some love on twitter: And then let her employer know the stellar job she did:"


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Raising the transactional capacity significantly, unexpectedly, abruptly, would reduce bitcoin's scarcity as a service… (

I think this would have an inflationary effect on its valuation which would run counter to new users flocking to a “cheap money”. Conversely, I think no such change is needed for bitcoin to be naturally levated as a new gold standard which seems to be the premise of the world Hayek and Nash paint. It seems bitcoin cannot be strong money, in the sense that can solve our global financial problem, if it could be optimized as a payment system but disregard to the underlying components of its…