I used Western Union to wire 4000 dollars to my family back in the Middle East. I paid 78 dollars in transfer fees and 116 dollars in currency exchange fees. Let that sink in

I also choose the cash option if I were to go with a debit card the fee was going to be 320 dollars

Do you see the money being made? Does it make sense now why they try to fight a public ledger that anybody can view and use?

Borderless currency without those greedy entities telling us what to do

I’m butthurt

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Begin to Sink Once Again (news.bitcoin.com)

Cryptocurrency prices have dropped considerably over the past 48 hours since our last markets update. Currently, the entire digital asset ecosystem has lost more than $ 32 billion since that time, and BTC/USD values have once again dipped under the $ 8K range.  
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Bitcoin up, altcoins down; bitcoin down, altcoins sink. What’s the point of keeping altcoins?

Serious, not being ironic. I am very new to crypto and I think I am a little late at the party.

We watched a crazy altcoins raise in December but I think that was just because people were looking for the "new Bitcoin". Chasing tenfold gains.

Aside from 'i believe in the technology' I think most of us are here for the money.

To me it's a little difficult to understand why holding altcoins. I had them, but yesterday moved everything to btc and I think I'll leave it all there

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

If you're bored by Bitcoin, sink your money into doubloons and pieces of eight

Are you bored by your Bitcoins? Looking for a more exciting investment that is also a sure thing? I have some suggestions. This is a very good time to be ahead of the game and get into doubloons. In his latest newsletter to investors, US financial wizard Scurvy J Beard says he believes that there could …
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