Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Begin to Sink Once Again (

Cryptocurrency prices have dropped considerably over the past 48 hours since our last markets update. Currently, the entire digital asset ecosystem has lost more than $ 32 billion since that time, and BTC/USD values have once again dipped under the $ 8K range.  
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Bitcoin up, altcoins down; bitcoin down, altcoins sink. What’s the point of keeping altcoins?

Serious, not being ironic. I am very new to crypto and I think I am a little late at the party.

We watched a crazy altcoins raise in December but I think that was just because people were looking for the "new Bitcoin". Chasing tenfold gains.

Aside from 'i believe in the technology' I think most of us are here for the money.

To me it's a little difficult to understand why holding altcoins. I had them, but yesterday moved everything to btc and I think I'll leave it all there

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