Bitcoin Price Slides on Profit Taking

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Hi everyone, I recently finished teaching a course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency at my local community college and I wanted to share some of my lecture slides, so here is: Bitcoin vs bitcoin. Information on the network that is known with as Bitcoin as well as the token of currency known as bitcoin.

See the information slides here.

As mentioned in a previous post these slides are meant to be the bulk of the information, so that students taking the course will not have to take many notes.
That said, I don't read from the slides at all, I instead just talk about the subject while trying to engage the audience.

I want them to know where to look if they want to learn more, I feel it is valuable to know what you don't know.
The extreme range of student knowledge makes it so that most things only get a slight introduction in the course, but the point is to address everything.
Due to the complex nature of Bitcoin and the range of related knowledge there simply isn't time to fill the slides with pretty pictures and still address all the information in the time we had for the course.

The course has finished and seemed to go well, I hope others of you can use this information to create your own classes in your own towns and cities.

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