Bitcoin Lightning Payments Are Slowly Becoming Less Reckless

You're running a full bitcoin node, know Linux and have decent command line skills. Okay? Cool, go ahead and spin up a Docker instance. If that sounds intimidating, you're not alone. But as recently as January, using the lightning network, a layer-two technology for scaling bitcoin, on "mainnet" – ie, with …
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Segwit adoption is moving extremely slowly, if not sideways. Does anyone know what are some major BTC sites that aren’t using Segwit yet who we can bug?

Segwits adoption percentage over the 144 block moving average is definitely stagnating. What sites have yet to adopt Segwit?

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I’ve sent a transaction with 0.00001 btc fee (~0.03 USD), it confirmed slowly but it confirmed. Bitcoin still works. Don’t give in to the FUD, let’s fight mining centralization and spam attacks on the mempool!

We need SegWit, we need Lightning, we need UASF! Miners don't care about the Bitcoin's vision, they will only try to maximize profits (for example by demanding bigger blocks). We shouldn't listen to them, neither should we pay attention to their representatives. We decide the future of Bitcoin and they decide whether they want to take part in mining our coins.

Bitcoin's core value is decentralization. I hope everyone appreciates what this means for us and for the future of value exchange.

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Bitfinex Slowly Getting Back Online after Users Suffer 36% Loss

Bitfinex has announced that it is slowly getting back online after announcing to its users that they will lose 36 percent of their assets. Last week the Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange suffered a security breach which saw $ 65 million worth of bitcoins stolen and the price of bitcoin plummeting 20 percent. It has since climbed […]

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