Missed the initial bitcoin wave? Try smaller cryptocurrencies like stellar and neo, says strategist …

Bitcoin bull and Wall Street investor Tom Lee said this year is the beginning of the "Great Crypto Rotation." "We think 2018 is going to be a story about rotation," Lee told CNBC on "Fast Money" Monday night. "But the rotation we're referring to is among the smaller alt -coins and the large platform tokens.".
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inputs getting smaller

noob here,

am I right in thinking that as bitcoin matures, the average size of transactions, i.e. kb per n BTC, will go up as all the coin gets increasingly spent so that any sizable payment will ultimately end up being made up of increasingly large numbers of smaller inputs, and that this will contribute to the rate at which the blockchain size increases, on top of general total transaction increases over time.. ? With the current large mempool size and delays in getting transactions accepted for mining, except with big fees per kb, will this lead to increasingly large fees to send payments in a timely way or longer delays ??


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