PR: Serenity Financial Forex Problems Solved by Blockchain (

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The major advantage of blockchain technology is that it makes everything transparent and gives the guarantee of security. That’s what is required to solve the problems born in the huge…


What prevents a node from receiving a solved solution and claiming it as its own work?

During the relay process a node finds the solution and forwards that solved block to all other nodes in the network to validate that it has indeed solved the problem. But then what if another node decides to rebroadcast it again and claim that he was the one who found the answer first.

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Wallet balance showing as unconfirmed – SOLVED!

I’m using MultiBit and my wallet balance is showing as unconfirmed. The last transaction I made was a couple of months ago and seemed to be fine (

When I try to make a payment with the unconfirmed funds I’m told “The error was insufficient money, missing XXX satoshis…”

I can see the correct balance in MultiBit but it is unconfirmed. The confirmed balance appears to be Zero. Any insight on what might have happened here or how I can fix it? I should say that I’m synced to the network and have 10 peers showing. Thanks for any help

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